Weimar Republic topics

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Introduction to the Weimar Republic

The old order

Imperial Germany
World War I
Germany in late 1918

Reform and revolution

The Kiel Mutiny
Ebert and the new Republic
The German Revolution
The Spartacist uprising
The Soviet republics
The Weimar constitution

Political instability

The Kapp putsch
The Weimar Reichstag
The Social Democratic Party (SPD)
Communist parties (KPD and USPD)
The Centre Party
The National Socialists (NSDAP)
Other Weimar political parties

The years of disaster

The Treaty of Versailles
War reparations
The Ruhr occupation
The 1923 hyperinflation
The Munich putsch

The years of recovery

The Stresemann years
Weimar foreign relations
American assistance
The Golden Age of Weimar

Society and culture

Weimar cinema
Weimar art
Weimar cabaret

From depression to dictatorship

The Hindenburg presidency
The rise of the NSDAP
The Great Depression in Germany
Hitler’s path to power
From Weimar democracy to Nazi dictatorship


Why the Weimar Republic failed

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