Weimar Republic crosswords

This collection of Weimar Republic crosswords allows you to test and revise your knowledge of events and developments in Germany between 1918 and 1933. To complete the crossword, click or tap on a blank square then type your answer into the box that appears. You can click on ‘Solve’ to reveal answers, however these will appear in a different colour. A Javascript-enabled browser is required. Crosswords have been written and compiled by Alpha History authors.

Weimar Republic – Crossword One
Background to German history, from unification to the birth of the Republic.

Weimar Republic – Crossword Two
The first years of the Republic, from the end of World War I to the Kapp putsch.

Weimar Republic – Crossword Three
The Weimar political system, constitution, parties and government.

Weimar Republic – Crossword Four
The early 1920s, including the hyperinflation crisis and the rise of Nazism.

Weimar Republic – Crossword Five
Weimar economic recovery, culture and the period 1924 to 1929.

Weimar Republic – Crossword Six
The rise of Hitler and the Nazis and the last years of the Republic.

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