Terms of use


1.1 Copyright

With the exception of primary and secondary historical sources (see 1.3 below) all material hosted on the alphahistory.com website is © Alpha History. You must not reproduce, republish, distribute or communicate any of this content, including files downloadable from this website and material printed from this website, without the express permission of Alpha History. Teachers and students may use content from Alpha History on an occasional and limited basis, provided this use is for educational purposes only and that due acknowledgement and citations are given. For more information, refer to our FAQ.

1.2 Use of copyrighted content

Within Australia, the Copyright Act allows certain uses of content on the Internet without the copyright owner’s express permission. This includes uses by educational institutions for educational purposes, and by Commonwealth and State government departments for government purposes, provided fair payment is made. Schools utilising Alpha History content and resources should complete the appropriate survey material provided by the Copyright Agency. For more information please refer to the Copyright Agency or contact us. Persons or organisations outside Australia should refer to the appropriate copyright law in their country.

1.3 Other content

Alpha History’s website and mobile applications contain historical material for which it claims no copyright. This includes primary sources, such as documents and images, and quotations or excerpts from writers and historians. Alpha History has obtained permissions to publish some of this material. Other material appears under fair use provisions or because it exists in the public domain. If you wish to claim intellectual ownership or rights to material appearing on Alpha History and to request proper attribution, license fees or removal, we invite you to make contact.

1.4 Adblocking

Adblocking refers to software, scripts or plugins that prevent web-based advertisements from loading in the user’s browser. It is a condition of use that visitors to Alpha History do not use adblocking software or plugins when using our website. To access our content, visitors should deactivate their adblocking software or ‘whitelist’ our top-level domain (alphahistory.com). Alpha History reserves the right to adopt measures that prevent visitors using adblocking software or plugins from accessing our website.

1.5 Cookies

A cookie is a small data file stored on your computer by a website you have visited. Alpha History’s website uses cookies to improve our content and user experience. Use of our website implies acceptance of our cookie policy. For users in the European Union (EU), use of our website denotes acceptance of our cookie policy and acknowledgement of EU laws on e-privacy and data protection.

1.6 Privacy

Alpha History’s web server collects data on visitors for statistical purposes only. We use this data to understand how our website is being used so we can improve it in the future. We do not collect or store personal information about users. More information on our privacy policy can be found here.

1.7 Variation

The management of Alpha History may change these terms of use from time to time. Please check before re-using any content from this website.


2.1 Advertising policy

The Alpha History website contains on-site advertising. This advertising is delivered by a third party provider. Advertisements appearing on our website are based on the interests and/or browsing history of users. Aside from the restrictions outlined in 2.2 below, Alpha History does not review, approve or vet any advertisements before publication. The advertisements and advertisers appearing on Alpha History’s website do not determine or influence our editorial content. The appearance of an advertisement on our website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any product, service or advertiser by Alpha History and/or its authors.

2.2 Advertising standards

Alpha History is committed to a reasonable and responsible use of advertising. Our aim is to serve advertising that is not offensive or obtrusive and does not interfere with your use of our site. Because our website is used by minors, Alpha History does not serve any advertising for certain products and services, such as gambling and sexual and/or dating services. If users see advertising or advertisers on the Alpha History website they consider offensive, insensitive or inappropriate, please contact us with details.

2.3 Advertising inquiries

Alpha History welcomes enquiries from businesses, corporations or individuals interested in purchasing display advertising, provided it complies with 2.1 and 2.2 above. We can provide static or dynamic banner, sidebar and on-page advertising on specific pages, sections or across our sites. Please contact us for more information.