1774: Dealing with a difficult debtor, 18th century style

In September 1774, an Annapolis artist, Charles Peale, attempted to deal with a non-paying debtor by way of the local press. The following exchange appeared in the Maryland Gazette:

September 6th
“If a certain E. V. does not immediately pay for his family picture, his name shall be published at full length in the next paper. Charles Peale.”

September 8th
“Mr. Elie Valette, pay me for painting your family picture. Charles Peale.”

September 15th
“Mr. Charles Wilson Peale, alias Charles Peale… Yes, you shall be paid; but not before you have learned to be less insolent. Elie Valette.”

There were no further exchanges between Mr Peale and Mr Valette, so presumably the matter was settled.

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