French Revolution historians

The French Revolution is a historical event of great significance, so has been studied by countless historians. Our understanding of the revolution has been shaped and defined by their research and their conclusions. These pages contain some profiles of prominent French Revolution historians. They include some brief biographical information, a list of texts the historian has written or contributed to, a summary of their historiographical position and a few quotations. These profiles have been written and compiled by Alpha History authors. If you would like to suggest a historian or content for these pages, please contact Alpha History.

Hilaire Belloc
Edmund Burke
Thomas Carlyle
Richard Cobb
Alfred Cobban
William Doyle
François Furet
Christopher Hibbert
Eric Hobsbawm
Peter Jones
Georges Lefebvre
Albert Mathiez
Peter McPhee
François Mignet
George Rudé
Simon Schama
Albert Soboul
J. M. Thompson
Alexis de Tocqueville

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