Northern Ireland topics

These pages contain summaries of essential topics relating to the Troubles in Northern Ireland. These topic pages have been written and compiled by Alpha History authors. If you would like to suggest or contribute a page for inclusion here, please contact us.

Background to the Troubles
An introduction to Northern Ireland
Anglo-Irish Relations 1690-1914
The 1916 Easter Rising
The Irish War of Independence
The Partition of Ireland
Northern Ireland before 1968

From rights to riots
The Northern Ireland civil rights movement
From civil rights to civil unrest
The Battle of the Bogside

The British in Northern Ireland
Operation Banner
Internment of paramilitary suspects
Bloody Sunday 1972
The British impose Direct Rule

The Long War
The IRA 1919 to 1968
The Provisional IRA
The Official IRA
The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA)
Loyalist paramilitary groups
The Long War
The mainland campaign
H Block and hunger strikes

Searching for calm
Peace movements
The Sunningdale Agreement
The Anglo-Irish Agreement
The 1994 Ceasefire

The fragile peace
The Good Friday Agreement
Implementing the Good Friday Agreement
The Real IRA and the Omagh bombing
The decommissioning crisis
The St Andrews Agreement
What next for Northern Ireland?

Cultural representations
Northern Ireland’s Troubles murals
Movies about the Troubles
Music about the Troubles

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