Northern Ireland movies

These pages contain information about Northern Ireland movies: films and television programmes in which Northern Ireland, the Troubles or the Irish Republican Army are strongly featured. Each page contains information about the movie, a synopsis of its plot and a discussion about how Northern Ireland and the Troubles is depicted or represented. These pages have been written by Alpha History authors. If you would like to suggest a film for inclusion here, please contact us.

A Terrible Beauty (1960)

The Outsider (1979)

Cal (1984)

Elephant (1989)

In the Name of the Father (1993)

Nothing Personal (1995)

Michael Collins (1996)

The Devil’s Own (1997)

Resurrection Man (1998)

Bloody Sunday (2002)

Omagh (2004)

Hunger (2008)

Five Minutes of Heaven (2009)

’71 (2014)

The Journey (2016)

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