Cold War topics

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The seeds of conflict
What was the Cold War?
What is communism?
Communist Russia
Capitalist America
Post-war divisions

Europe divided
The Iron Curtain
The Truman Doctrine
The Domino theory
The Marshall Plan
Post-war Germany
The Berlin blockade

The communist world
The Soviet Union under Khrushchev
East Germany
Communist China
North Korea
North Vietnam
Cuba under Castro
Romania under Ceausescu
Cambodia under Pol Pot
The Sino-Soviet split

The struggle for the upper hand
Cold War alliances
Nuclear weapons
The Korean War
The Vietnam War
Coups and proxy wars
The ‘Space Race’

Societies transformed
‘Reds under the bed’
Cold War espionage
Cold War propaganda
Sport in the Cold War
The ‘Kitchen Debate’

Tension and confrontation
The Hungarian uprising
Gary Powers and U-2
The Berlin Crisis
The Berlin Wall
The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Prague Spring

Détente and the Reagan era
What was Détente?
Soviets in Afghanistan
The Second Cold War
The Korean Air disaster
Stagnation in the Soviet Union

The Cold War in decline
Glasnost and perestroika
The winds of change
The fall of the Berlin Wall
The end of the Cold War
US-Russia relations since the Cold War
The post-Cold War world

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