Russian Revolution documents

This collection of Russian Revolution documents has been compiled by Alpha History authors. This section is a work in progress: we are continually reviewing, transcribing and adding new documents. If you would like to suggest a document for inclusion, please make contact.

Tsarism in crisis

Nicholas II imposes Russian autocracy in Finland (1903)
The ‘Bloody Sunday’ workers’ petition to Nicholas II (January 1905)
The American ambassador’s report on ‘Bloody Sunday’ (January 1905)
New York Times editorial on ‘Bloody Sunday’ (January 1905)
Father Gapon gives his eyewitness account of ‘Bloody Sunday’ (1905)
Lenin’s view of ‘Bloody Sunday’, Gapon and 1905 (1905)
Trotsky’s account of Gapon and his role in the 1905 Revolution (1905)
The Tsar’s October Manifesto (October 1905)
Letter from Nicholas II to his mother, the Dowager Empress (November 1905)
Lenin on the unfolding 1905 Revolution in Russia (1905)
An official Soviet account of ‘Bloody Sunday’ (1938)
Excerpts from the Russian Fundamental Law (April 1906)
The Vyborg Manifesto calls on Russians to resist the government (July 1906)
The tsar’s decree dissolving the second State Duma (June 1907)
Extracts from Marx and Engels: The Communist Manifesto (1848)
Extracts from Lenin’s What is to be Done? (1902)
The political program of the Russian Social Democrats or SDs (1903)
Political program of the Socialist-Revolutionaries or SRs (1905)
Victor Serge on the Bolshevik movement (1917)
Trotsky on lessons learned from the 1905 Revolution (1930)

The last years of tsarism
The dual power
The Bolsheviks in power

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