Resolutions of the Congress of Soviets (1917)

In June 1917 the All-Russian Congress of Soviets agreed to form a coalition with the re-formed Provisional Government. The following resolutions were passed 543 votes to 126, with 52 delegates abstaining:

The Congress agrees that:

“1. …It would have been a severe blow to the revolution to have handed over power to the bourgeoisie alone; and

2. That it would have greatly weakened and threatened the revolution to have handed over all the power, at this time, to the Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies, for such an act would have alienated certain elements of the population, who are still able to serve the cause of the revolution.

For these reasons, the All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers Deputies approves the action of the Petrograd Soviet during May 3rd and 4th, in forming a coalition government on a definite democratic platform, both in foreign and domestic affairs.

Having heard the explanations of the comrade-ministers on the general policy of the Provisional Government, and having expressed full confidence in them, the All-Russian Congress agrees that this policy answers the interests of the revolution. The Congress calls on the Provisional Government to carry out resolutely and systematically the democratic platform which has been adopted, and in particular:

1. To strive persistently for the earliest conclusion of a general peace without annexation, indemnity, and on the basis of self-determination.

2. To continue further the democratisation of the army, and to increase its fighting power…

In particular, the Congress demands the speediest convocation of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly…

The Congress calls on the revolutionary democracy of Russia to gather around the Soviets and to support the Provisional Government energetically…”