The Oath of the Red Warrior (1918)

In April 1918 the Central Executive of the Communist Party passed the Oath of the Red Warrior, a pledge to be taken by all enlistees and conscripts in the Red Army:

“1. I, son of the toiling people, citizen of the Soviet Republic, take upon myself the name of warrior in the Worker-Peasant Army.

2. In the presence of the labouring classes of Russia and of the whole world, I bind myself to uphold honourably this title, to study conscientiously military science, and to protect as I would the apple of my eye, national and military property from destruction and depredation.

3. I bind myself to observe strictest revolutionary discipline and to carry out the orders of the commanders appointed by the authority of the Workers’ and Peasants’ government.

4. I bind myself to restrain myself and restrain my comrades from all criminal acts unworthy of a citizen of the Soviet Republic and to have ever before me the great idea of freeing the toilers of the world.

5. At the first call of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government, I bind myself to defend the Soviet Republic from all dangers and against all her enemies, to fight for socialism, and for the brotherhood of man. For these causes, I bind myself to give my whole strength and life itself.

6. If, owing to evil influences, I fail to keep all my solemn promises, may my acts be looked upon with general contempt and may the heavy hand of the revolutionary law deal with me.”