About Alpha History

alpha historyAlpha History is an Australian based group providing free and low cost resources to support the teaching, learning and study of history. Launched in 2012, the Alpha History website is a free online textbook and resource centre for history teachers and students. As of September 2015 our website spans 11 popular history subjects and contains almost two million words, 3,000 pages and hundreds of historical sources. More additions are scheduled for 2015-16, including additional history sections and updates and expansions to existing sections.

Alpha History also publishes low cost mobile applications for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We currently offer e-book apps for four different history subjects. These apps are a great way for students to access Alpha History’s content in a mobile, advertisement-free environment. Alpha History has also produced several quiz apps for iOS devices. Apps are updated annually and more releases are planned for late 2014. You can view our range of apps here.

Alpha History’s content is written, compiled and edited by several highly qualified authors. Alpha History authors are based in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Great Britain. All are historians, academics, teachers and professionals who are passionate about history and history education. A list of our authors is available here. We welcome inquiries from suitable persons interested in writing for Alpha History.

Alpha History sets high standards with regard to content. We aim to provide interesting summaries of essential topics that are well researched, intelligently written and suitably detailed – but concise and accessible enough to be read by students within the confines of a lesson. Our content is pitched at students aged 15 and above. Our written content is also supported with carefully chosen primary source material (documents, graphics and photographs) and reference material (glossaries, timelines, quotations and information about historiography). Our website also contains a small but expanding number of online activities, including crosswords, quizzes and flashcards.

Alpha History is a not-for-profit company. We generate revenue from app sales, advertising and donations. This revenue is used to cover costs like website and application development, hosting and permissions. Surplus revenue is used to commission and develop new pages, resources and sections. If you find our website useful and would like to contribute, there are several ways you can  support Alpha History.

If you have any questions about Alpha History or our content, please make contact with us through this page.