Holocaust documents

The page contains a collection of Holocaust documents and sources, selected and compiled by Alpha History authors. These documents provide examples of anti-Semitic people and ideas – from the Middle Ages to the pursuit and trial of Nazi war criminals. If you would like to suggest a source for inclusion on this page, please contact Alpha History.

Historical anti-Semitism

Saint John Chrysostom urges his follows to “hate the Jews” (c.400)
Martin Luther: ‘On the Jews and their lies’ (1543)
Benedict XIV: ‘On Jews and Christians living in the same space’ (1751)
Anti-Semitic pogroms in Russia (1881)
Extracts from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (c.1903)
London Times: ‘The Truth about the Protocols of Zion’ (1921)
Henry Ford: ‘The International Jew’ (1920)

Nazi anti-Semitism

A letter from Adolf Hitler, calling for ‘rational anti-Semitism’ (1919)
Excerpts of an Adolf Hitler speech on the Jews (1922)
George Mosse on German anti-Semitism (1933)
Achim Gercke on solving the ‘Jewish question’ (1933)
Julius Streicher on Jewish ritual murder (1934)
A Nazi pamphlet for children on race (1934)
A German high school student’s anti-Semitic essay (1935)
An SS newspaper on the ‘Jewish question’ (1938)
Der Sturmer: ‘When will the Jewish danger be over?’ (1942)
The confession of Julie Heifetz, a German civilian (1982)

Anti-Semitic policies and actions

The Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service (1933)
Julius Streicher calls for a boycott of Jewish businesses (1933)
NSDAP proclamation on the boycott of Jewish businesses (1933)
A Jewish-German writes in response to the Nazi boycotts (1933)
German Jews write to Hitler asking about their future (1933)
A statement by the Central Committee of German Jewry (1933)
Johann von Leers calls for the creation of a Jewish state (1933)
A Nazi pamphlet explaining the purpose of anti-Semitic laws (1934)
The Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour (1935)
The Reich Citizenship Law (1935)
An open letter from a victim of SS property confiscations (1935)
William Zuckerman on the Nuremberg Laws (1936)
Decree for the Reporting of Jewish owned property (1938)
Decree Excluding the Jews from German Economic Life (1938)
Heydrich and Goering discuss the ‘Jewish question’ (1938)
Goebbels and Goering discuss Jewish segregation (1938)
The ‘Jewish question’ as a factor in German foreign policy (1939)

Occupation, expulsions, resettlement and ghettos

Hitler responds to foreign criticisms of Jewish expulsions (1939)
Reinhard Heydrich orders the containment of Jews in Poland (1939)
The mistreatment of Jews in occupied Poland (1940)
A Polish Jew on the banning of Jewish worship (1940)
The diary of a Jewish boy in occupied Poland (1940-42)
Hans Frank on what should be done with the Jews (1941)
Orders for guarding the Jewish ghetto in Lodz (1941)
The Nazi theft of Jewish property in occupied Europe (1941-43)
Emanuel Ringelblum on life in the Warsaw Ghetto (early 1940s)
An account of the Warsaw Ghetto (1942)
An SS account of the Warsaw Uprising (1943)
Otto Bene on the evacuation of Jews from Holland (1942-43)
The Pope’s attitude to Jewish deportations (1943)
Extracts from the diary of Anne Frank (1942-44)

The Final Solution

Goering orders a ‘total solution to the Jewish problem’ (1941)
An Einsatzgruppen report on actions in Lithuania” (1941)
Wannsee Conference: action against the Jews to date (1942)
Wannsee Conference: the Final Solution (1942)
Accounts of Nazi forced labour at Monowitz (1942-43)
Stanlislaw Smajzner describes the journey to Sobibor (1942)
An eyewitness account of einsatzgruppen killings (1942)
An eyewitness account of gassings at Belzec (1942)
A medical officer on the gassing of Jews at Belzec (1942)
Heinrich Himmler’s speech to SS officers at Posen (1943)
An account of daily life in Majdanek (1943)
Eyewitness accounts of gassings at Sobibor (1943)
An SS officer reports on the functions of Auschwitz (1943)
Elie Wiesel on the train journey and arrival at Auschwitz (1944)
Elie Wiesel on his first morning in Auschwitz (1944)
Personal testimony of an Auschwitz Sonderkommando (1945)
A Holocaust survivor recalls the evacuation of Auschwitz (1945)
Adolf Eichmann on the outcomes of the Final Solution (1945)
The testimony of Rudolf Hoess, SS commandant of Auschwitz (1946)

Responses, liberation and justice

A report on the liberated concentration camp at Belsen (1945)
A British parliamentary delegation visits Buchenwald (1945)
The US opening address at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal (1946)
The cross-examination of Goering on the Final Solution (1946)
Julius Streicher defends himself at Nuremberg (1946)
Julius Streicher cross-examined at Nuremberg (1946)
An einsatzgruppen commander on orders to liquidate Jews (1946)
Closing remarks of Robert H. Jackson at Nuremberg (1946)
Adolf Eichmann on his role in the Final Solution (1957)