Goebbels and Goering discuss Jewish segregation (1938)

On November 12th 1938, days after the Kristallnacht pogrom, a conference of high ranking NSDAP ministers debated measures for Jewish segregation:

Goebbels: “It is still possible today for a Jew to share a compartment on a sleeping car with a German. Therefore we need a decree by the Reich Ministry for Transport stating that separate compartments shall be available for Jews. In cases where compartments are filled up, Jews cannot claim a seat. They will be given a separate compartment only after all Germans have secured seats. They will not mix with Germans and if there is no room, they will have to stand in the corridor.”

Goering: “In that case, I think it would make more sense to give them separate compartments.”

Goebbels: “Not if the train is overcrowded.”

Goering: “Just a moment, there’ll be only one Jewish coach.”

Goebbels: “Suppose, however, there aren’t many Jews going on the express train to Munich. Suppose there are two Jews on the train and the other compartments are overcrowded. These two Jews would then have a compartment all for themselves. Therefore, I suggest that Jews may only claim a seat after all Germans have secured a seat.”

Goering: “I’d give the Jews one coach or one compartment. And should a case like you mention arise, believe me, we won’t need a law. We’ll just kick him out and he’ll have to sit alone in the toilet.”