When will the Jewish danger be over? (1942)

The following article, titled ‘When will the Jewish danger be over?’ was published in the anti-Semitic weekly Der Sturmer in 1942. Translation reproduced with the permission of the German Propaganda Archive.

“Anti-Semitism is as old as Jewry itself. The Jew was a liar, a swindler, an exploiter, a troublemaker, a poisoner of the blood, and a murderer from the beginning. The non-Jewish peoples thus responded to this people of criminals throughout history with contempt and rejection.

Over the centuries, repeated attempts were made to eliminate the Jewish danger. Under the assumption that the Jewish question was a religious matter, one attempted to render Jews harmless by forcing them to be baptized. It did not take long for people to realize that this was an entirely false solution. The conversion of Jews to Christianity was only on the surface. Jews became ‘Christian’ only to carry on as Jews.

Another way to solve the Jewish question was for the numerically superior non-Jewish population to absorb the Jewish minority. People believed that close contact between the Jews and the host peoples would, through equality, intermarriage and the mixing of blood, gradually ‘water down’ the Jewish race and lead to its disappearance. The results of this mistake were catastrophic. The Jewish race was not “watered down” and rendered harmless, but rather the opposite: the blood of the non-Jewish peoples was poisoned in a grave way.

Experience showed non-Jewish peoples that incorporating the foreign Jewish element into their community not only did no good but caused positive harm. Gradually people realized that there was only one effective method of dealing with Jewry: consistent separation from their own racial body.

Even during the Middle Ages, numerous governments required Jews to distinguish themselves from their non-Jewish host peoples by wearing special clothing such as pointed Jewish hats, yellow symbols, rings, etc. As well-intentioned as these measures were, they had only limited success. Sometimes the Jews wore these symbols with pride. They were pleased that the ‘stupid Goy’ themselves saw to it that only the “chosen people” wore such outward symbols. But other Jews whose business interests were not advanced by making the fact that they were Jews plain continued to go about the country as ‘non-Jews’.

Another way of separating the Jews from the non-Jewish peoples was to force them to live in certain areas. The Jewish quarter became known as the ‘ghetto’. But this method also failed to achieve its goal. Some Jews welcomed the creation of the ghetto. Once again they had their “community abroad!” In the ghetto, Jewry’s secret plans were forged! In the ghetto, the Jews had their “staff.” Those Jews who carried on their mischief among the non-Jews received their commands from the ghetto. The Jewish danger was greater than ever before.

Realising that separating the Jews into their own quarter was not sufficient led various peoples to go still further. They expelled the Jews from their countries. This for the first time aroused the Jews. Now they saw a real danger! Now they had to act before it was too late!

Jewry is thousands of years old. Thanks to its devilish cleverness, it has often found a way out of nearly hopeless situations. Here, too! The Jews let themselves be expelled without much fuss. They gathered on the other side of the border and waited and waited and waited. They waited for years and decades. They waited for the moment in which the knowledge of the Jewish danger gradually disappeared from people’s minds. Then the Jews came back. Then they laid waste to the land more terribly than before.

Today, Europe is ready to solve the Jewish question once and for all. It is thus good to learn from past mistakes and remember what history teaches. And what does history teach us? It teaches:

The Jewish question is not only a German matter! It is also not only a European problem! The Jewish question is a world question! Just as Germany is not safe from the Jews as long as even one Jew remains in Europe, so Europe cannot solve the Jewish question as long as Jews live in the rest of the world.

Jewry is organised world criminality. The Jewish danger will be eliminated only when Jewry throughout the world has ceased to exist.”