Streicher calls for a Jewish boycott (1933)

In late March 1933, the Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher issued the following call for a Jewish boycott targetting businesses and stores:

German national comrades!

“The ones who are guilty of this insane crime, this malicious atrocity, propaganda and incitement to boycott, are the Jews in Germany. They have called on their racial comrades abroad to fight against the German people. They have transmitted the lies and calumnies abroad.

Therefore the Reich leadership of the German movement for freedom have decided, in defence against criminal incitement, to impose a boycott of all Jewish shops, department stores, offices, etc, beginning on Saturday, April 1st at 10 am. We are calling on you, German women and men, to comply with this boycott. Do not buy in Jewish shops and department stores, do not go to Jewish lawyers, avoid Jewish physicians. Show the Jews that they cannot besmirch Germany and disparage its honour without punishment.

Whoever acts against this appeal proves thereby that he stands on the side of Germany’s enemies. Long live the honourable Field Marshal from the Great War, Reichspresident Paul von Hindenburg! Long live the Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler! Long live the German people and the holy German fatherland!”

Julius Streicher