A Nazi pamphlet explaining the need for anti-Semitic laws (1934)

This excerpt is from a 1934 Nazi pamphlet, published to support and explain the need for the government’s anti-Semitic laws:

“The starting point of the discussion is the scientific fact that the Jew is different than the German. This is neither arrogant nor boastful, it simply is the way things are. For us, the Jewish question is a question between two peoples. Its characteristics are determined by the racially determined differences between the two, and through the unusual sociological and numerical development of Jewry in the course of its history, developments that are particularly evident in the last decades through a constantly growing process of foreign infiltration that has reached an intolerable level for the German people.

More than once over its history, the German people have absorbed foreign elements, but they were racially identical or similar population groups, as for example was the case with the Huguenots. With the Jews, things are fundamentally different. They are seen everywhere as foreigners and see themselves that way as well. Walter Rathenau said it most clearly as early as 1897: “How strange! In the middle of German life, there is a separate, foreign tribe that that stands out in every way with its hot-tempered behaviour. An Asiatic horde has settled on the sands of Mark Brandenburg.” …

The most remarkable thing about Jewry is that it has not disappeared over the millennia, even though it lacks its own territory and language. Even more remarkable is that it lacks the main characteristic of a minority population: its own pockets of settlement to which it can, if necessary, retreat. Only time will tell if Palestine will one day fill this gap. That question is made more difficult by the fact that the Arabs maintain their claim on Palestine.

Whatever the twists of history, the Jew has always remained the same, whether as a grain speculator in ancient Rome or as a bank or stock exchange potentate in the modern era. They were always able to control the wealth of whole nations. Nations and peoples once their contemporaries have vanished, leaving only words and crumbled monuments behind; only the Jew remains. In ancient days we see him carrying on his business in the trading centres of the Mediterranean. In the Middle Ages, he provided money for German nobles and free cities. Today he rules the banks and stock exchanges of the whole world, forcing the nations under the yoke of financial capitalism. The power of this people of 15 million rests on these international relations. This is how they seem to fulfil the commandment of Jehovah — the world domination of the chosen people.

The secret of the Jewish people, which has enabled them to survive through all of history’s twists and turns, is that it has always recognized the laws of blood, even anchoring them in the laws of its religion. The consciousness of blood and family that believing Jews have has been stronger than all the other forces of history, giving us a unique example of a people without its own land and language, which still meets the criteria for being a people, and which has outlasted many other peoples …

The barriers between Germans and Jews fell as a result of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. The path to Jewish world domination would take a different direction than pious, observant Jews had expected. Emancipation made it possible to build Jewish dominance through secular means. With the disappearance of racial consciousness, only religious differences seemed to remain. It seemed at the time unjust to give someone a preferred position only because of his religious beliefs, which are an entirely personal matter. At the time, this was tied to a belief in human equality and freedom. It was revolutionary. It shattered the church dogmas that had ruled for centuries and was the foundation of liberal thinking during the last two hundred years. The new goal was humanity itself, and nothing stood in the way of racial mixing.

Some had the quiet hope that assimilation would mean the absorption of the Jews. The Jews themselves, however, were more than willing to use the opportunities of religious assimilation, which opened the path to all important positions, even to political leadership. As Heine said, “baptism was the ticket to European culture.” Gradually, an intermixing with the German people developed, particularly in its cultural elite. Foreign blood infiltrated to a degree that we realize only today now that the “Law to Reestablish a Professional Bureaucracy” has exposed numerous sources of foreign blood. This process has greatly accelerated during the last 14 years…

The Jews will naturally oppose any discussion of race since the denial of any significant differences between people is the foundation of his infiltration of Western European society. The Jew finds any mention of the racial question as an attack on his current existence. His leading role in every anti-national area is characteristic of his mimicry and is necessary for his continued existence. That explains the phrase “German citizen of the Jewish faith.”

The recognition that the Jew is of a foreign and different race, along with the re-awakening of German racial consciousness, must necessarily lead to a change in the relations between Germans and Jews.”