American Revolution topics

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Background to revolution

The Thirteen Colonies
Colonial government
Colonial society
Native Americans
Slaves and indentured servants
French and Indian War

The end of British neglect

Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act
Currency Act
Stamp Act (under construction)
Quartering Act
Declaratory Act
Townshend duties
Suspension of colonial assemblies

The colonists respond

Colonial responses to the Stamp Act
The Sons of Liberty
The seizure of Liberty
Boston Massacre
Gaspee affair
Boston Tea Party
Coercive Acts
Quebec Act
First Continental Congress

The road to war

The Minutemen
Lexington and Concord
Second Continental Congress
The Olive Branch petition
Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
Revolutionary ideas

The colonists mobilise

The impact of independence
State constitutions
The Articles of Confederation
The Continental Army
Washington the general
The American Crisis
The Battle of Trenton
The Loyalists

Winning the war

Diplomacy and alliances
Slaves and Native Americans in the Revolutionary War
The war in the southern states
The Treaty of Paris
Evaluating the American victory

Winning the peace

The Newburgh conspiracy
Economic crisis in the 1780s
Shays’ Rebellion
Northwest Ordinance

The Philadelphia solution

The Philadelphia convention
Madison and Hamilton
A new constitution
Ratification debate
A bill of rights
Social changes

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