American Revolution timelines

These American Revolution timelines list important events – from the foundation of the American colonies to the finalisation of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These timelines have been written and compiled by Alpha History authors.

To 1764
This timeline provides background to colonial America and the American Revolution. Events in this period include the foundation and settlement of the 13 American colonies, significant wars involving Britain and America, and British laws and policies affecting the American colonies.

1765 to 1773
This timeline begins with the passing of the Stamp Act and the upsurge of revolutionary sentiment this triggered in America. Other critical events during this period include the Declaratory Act, the Townshend duties, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.

1774 to 1776
This timeline begins with the passing of the Coercive or ‘Intolerable’ Acts. Revolutionary sentiment reaches its highest point and in many regions British authority begins to collapse. American colonial politicians form a Continental Congress to provide leadership, while the men of New England prepare for war with England. The culmination of this period is the passing of the Declaration of Independence.

1777 to 1783
This timeline details the political and military developments of the American Revolutionary War. Events listed include significant battles and treaties, resolutions of the Continental Congress, the development and passing of the Articles of Confederation, and events leading to America’s victory over Britain.

1784 and beyond
This timeline explores the political, economic and social development of the post-war United States. It lists the problems, challenges and conflicts of the 1780s, leading to the Philadelphia convention and the drafting and ratification of the United States Constitution.

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