The Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service (1933)

The Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service was passed by the Nazi-controlled Reichstag in April 1933. It made sweeping changes to the bureaucracy – including the compulsory retirement of non-Aryan civil servants:

Section One

1. To restore a national professional civil service and to simplify administration, civil servants may be dismissed from office in accordance with the following regulations, even where there would be no grounds for such action under the prevailing Law.

2. For the purposes of this Law, the following are to be considered civil servants: direct and indirect officials of the Reich, direct and indirect officials of the Laender, officials of Local Councils, and of Federations of Local Councils, officials of Public Corporations as well as of Institutions and Enterprises of equivalent status… The provisions will apply also to officials of Social Insurance organisations having the status of civil servants…

Section Two

1. Civil servants who have entered the service since November 9th 1918, without possessing the required or customary educational background or other qualifications are to be dismissed from the service. Their previous salaries will continue to be paid for a period of three months following their dismissal.

2. They will have no claim to temporary pensions, full pensions or survivors’ benefits, nor to retain designation of rank or titles, or to wear uniforms or emblems…

Section Three

1. Civil servants who are not of Aryan descent are to be retired; if they are honorary officials, they are to be dismissed from their official status.

2. Section One does not apply to civil servants in office from August 1st 1914, who fought at the Front for the German Reich or its Allies in the World War, or whose fathers or sons fell in the World War. Other exceptions may be permitted by the Reich Minister of the Interior in coordination with the Minister concerned or with the highest authorities with respect to civil servants working abroad.

Section Four

Civil servants whose previous political activities afford no assurance that they will at all times give their fullest support to the national State, can be dismissed from the service.