Nazi Germany timeline 1924-29

This Nazi Germany timeline contains a chronological list of significant events and developments in Germany, from 1924 to 1929. This timeline has been written by Alpha History authors.


February 24th: The treason trial of Adolf Hitler begins, inviting considerable publicity. He is later sentenced to five years’ prison.
May 4th: The NSDAP contests the Reichstag elections for the first time, winning a total of 24 seats.
December 7th: In the second Reichstag election of 1924, the NSDAP loses more than half of its 24 seats.
December 20th: Adolf Hitler is released from Landsberg prison after serving less than one year of his five-year sentence.


February 25th: President Ebert dies in office. He is succeeded by former general Paul von Hindenburg.
February 26th: Hitler calls for a “new beginning” for the NSDAP, as a legitimate political party rather than a revolutionary group.
May: Hitler orders the formation of the Schutzstaffel (SS), a small but elite bodyguard division within the SA.
May 22nd: Hitler’s power over the NSDAP is further extended when he becomes its supreme leader or fuhrer.


January: The membership of the Nazi Party is estimated at around 17,000.
February 14th: The Bamberg Conference of NSDAP leadership, where Hitler asserts his authority over the party.
July: The Hitler Youth is formally established.
October: Hitler appoints Josef Goebbels as Gauleiter (party organiser) of Berlin.
November 8th: NSDAP members gather in Munich to commemorate the anniversary of the 1923 putsch.\


May: The Bavarian government lifts an order banning Hitler from giving public speeches. Later in May, he addresses 5,000 people in Berlin.
August 20th: The NSDAP stages its first party rally in the city of Nuremberg, with 15,000 attending.


May 20th: Another Reichstag general election sees Nazi representation drop to just 12 seats, its lowest ever return.


January: Josef Goebbels is appointed head of the NSDAP propaganda department.
September 14th: Another Reichstag election sees a dramatic boost in NSDAP seats, from 14 to 107.
October 24th: The Wall Street stock exchange in New York crashes, triggering the Great Depression.

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