Hitler on party unity (1934)

A party summary of a meeting attended by NSDAP Gauleiters in February 1934, where Hitler spoke and addressed the need for party unity:

“The Führer stressed that the most essential tasks of the Party were:

1. To make the people receptive to the measures intended by the Government.

2. To help to carry out the measures which have been ordered by the Government in the nation at large.

3. To support the Government in every way.

Furthermore, the Führer stressed that those people who maintained that the revolution was “not finished” were fools; they did this only with the intention of getting particular jobs for themselves…

The sense of community within the movement must be inconceivably intense. We must have no fighting among ourselves; no differences must be visible to outsiders! The people cannot trust us blindly if we ourselves destroy this trust. If we destroy other people’s trust in us, we destroy our own trust in ourselves.

Even the consequences of wrong decisions must be mitigated by absolute unity. One authority must never be played off against another. There must be only one view, that of the movement. To work against someone in an official position, who embodies part of this authority, is to destroy all authority and trust completely.

In questions of foreign policy, it is particularly necessary to have the whole nation behind one, as if hypnotised. The whole nation must be involved in the struggle as if they were passionate participants in a sports contest. This is necessary because, if the whole nation takes part in the struggle, they also will be losers. If they are not involved, only the leadership loses. In the one case, the wrath of the nation will rise against the opponent, in the other against their leaders.”