French Revolution documents

This collection of French Revolution documents and primary sources has been selected and compiled by Alpha History authors. If you would like to suggest or contribute a document for this page, please contact Alpha History.

The ancien regime
The push for reform
The Estates General
The Paris insurrection
Remaking the nation
Creating a state religion
The fate of the king

Jean-Paul Marat urges Parisians not to trust the king (September 1789)
A bourgeois man on the October Days (October 1789)
The king’s note left after fleeing Paris (June 1791)
De Bouille on his role in the royal flight to Varennes (1791)
Jacques Hébert on the flight to Varennes (June 1791)
Henri Gregoire on the flight to Varennes (June 1791)
The king explains his flight to Varennes (June 1791)
Barnave calls for an end to the revolution (July 1791)
The Jacobin Club petitions for the king’s abdication (July 1791)
The Cordelier Club petitions for the abolition of the monarchy (July 1791)
An account of the Champ de Mars massacre (July 1791)
Jacques Hebert calls for ‘no more kings’ (July 1791)
The Legislative Assembly votes to suspend the king (August 1792)
A Paris journal opposes the execution of the king (September 1792)
Jacques Hebert calls for the execution of the king (November 1792)
The National Convention’s charges against the king (December 1792)
Maximilian Robespierre on the fate of Louis XVI (December 1792)
Thomas Paine opposes executing the king (January 1793)
The National Convention decrees the execution of Louis XVI (1793)
A British report on the execution of Louis XVI (January 1793)
Jacques Hebert celebrates the execution of the king (January 1793)
Antoine Barnave on the failures of the king (1793)

Revolutionary war
Growing radicalism
The Reign of Terror
Thermidor and beyond
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