The National Convention creates emergency government (1793)

On October 10th 1793, the National Convention passed the following decree, establishing emergency government and expanding the powers of the Committee of Public Safety:

The Government

1. The provisional government of France is revolutionary until the peace.

2. The provisional executive council, the ministers, the generals and the constituted bodies are placed under the surveillance of the Committee of Public Safety, which will render an account thereof weekly to the Convention.

3. Every measure of security is to be taken by the provisional executive council, under the authorisation of the Committee, which will render an account thereof to the Convention.

4. The revolutionary laws must be executed quickly. The Government shall correspond immediately with the districts on measures of public safety.

5. The generals in chief are to be appointed by the National Convention on the recommendation of the Committee of Public Safety

6. Because the inertia of the government is the cause of reverses, the time allowed for the execution of decree and of the measure of public safety are set. The violations of these time periods shall be punished as an attack on liberty.


7. The table of grain production of each district, compiled by the Committee of Public Safety, will be printed and distributed to all members of the Convention, to be put into effect without delay.

8. The necessities of each department will be approximately evaluated and guaranteed. The superfluous supplies will be subject to requisition.

9. The table of production of the republic will be sent to the representatives of the people, to the ministers of the marine and of the interior, and to the administrators of supplies. They shall requisition in the arrondissements assigned to them. Paris will have a special arrondissement.

10. Requisitions for the benefit of the unproductive departments are to be authorised and regulated by the provisional executive council.

11. Paris shall be provisioned for one year on March 1st.

General security

12. The direction and employment of the revolutionary army shall be regulated immediately in order to repress counter-revolutionaries. The Committee of Public Safety shall present a plan to accomplish this.

13. The council shall dispatch a garrison into cities where counter-revolutionary movements have arisen. The garrisons are to be paid and maintained by the wealthy of these cities until the peace.”