Northern Ireland books

This selection of Northern Ireland books has been recommended by Alpha History authors. They have selected these books for their content, accessibility and affordability. They are available for purchase through our affiliate partner, The Book Depository, at low prices – all of which include worldwide shipping. Purchasing your Northern Ireland books through these links is a great way to support Alpha History, while saving money.

northern ireland books

1916: The Long Revolution – Keogh

Britain and Ireland: Home Rule to Independence

Northern Ireland after 1969 – Paul Dixon

Making Sense of the Troubles

The Northern Ireland Troubles

northern ireland books

Belfast Diaries – Steve Corbett

Bloody Sunday – Richard Norton-Taylor

State Violence, Collusion and the Troubles

northern ireland books

The Long War: The IRA and Sinn Fein

The Provos: the IRA and Sinn Fein

The Provisional IRA – Tommy McKearney

A Secret History of the IRA – Ed Moloney

Inside the Maze – Chris Ryder

Bobby Sands: Nothing but an Unfinished Song

northern ireland books

Before the Dawn – Gerry Adams

northern ireland books

David Trimble – Frank Millar

Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing

Northern Ireland after the Good Friday Agreement

Northern Ireland after the Troubles

northern ireland books

A Farewell to Arms – Beyond Good Friday