The Good Friday Agreement: preamble (1998)

The Good Friday Agreement was signed in April 1998 by Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s political parties. This preamble outlines the principles behind the agreement:


1. We, the participants in the multi-party negotiations, believe that the
agreement we have negotiated offers a truly historic opportunity for a new


2. The tragedies of the past have left a deep and profoundly regrettable
legacy of suffering. We must never forget those who have died or been
injured, and their families. But we can best honour them through a fresh
start, in which we firmly dedicate ourselves to the achievement of
reconciliation, tolerance, and mutual trust, and to the protection and
vindication of the human rights of all.


3. We are committed to partnership, equality and mutual respect as the
basis of relationships within Northern Ireland, between North and South,
and between these islands.


4. We reaffirm our total and absolute commitment to exclusively
democratic and peaceful means of resolving differences on political
issues, and our opposition to any use or threat of force by others for any
political purpose, whether in regard to this agreement or otherwise.


5. We acknowledge the substantial differences between our continuing and equally legitimate, political aspirations. However, we will endeavour
to strive in every practical way towards reconciliation and rapprochement
within the framework of democratic and agreed arrangements. We pledge
that we will, in good faith, work to ensure the success of each and every
one of the arrangements to be established under this agreement. It is
accepted that all of the institutional and constitutional arrangements – an
Assembly in Northern Ireland, a North-South Ministerial Council,
implementation bodies, a British-Irish Council and a British-Irish
Intergovernmental Conference and any amendments to British Acts of
Parliament and the Constitution of Ireland – are interlocking and


6. Accordingly, in a spirit of concord, we strongly commend this
agreement to the people, North and South, for their approval.