‘The German republic shall thrive!’ (Nov 1918)

The following proclamation was printed in the Berliner Volksblatt (‘Berlin People’s Gazette), the main publication of the SPD:

“Workers, Soldiers, Fellow Citizens – the Free People’s State is here! Kaiser and Crown Prince have abdicated! Fritz Ebert, the president of the Social Democratic Party, has been appointed chancellor, and he forms new governments in the Reich as well as in Prussia, composed of men who enjoy the trust of the working people in the cities and on the countryside, of workers and soldiers. So public administration has been handed over to the people. A National Assembly will meet soon to discuss the new constitution.

Workers, soldiers, citizens! The victory of the people has been achieved, it may not be dishonoured or endangered by rashness. The economy and traffic have to be allowed to continue uninterrupted, in order to secure the popular government under all circumstances. Follow all instructions of the new people’s government and of their officials. It acts in closest cooperation with the workers and soldiers.

The German Republic shall thrive!”