Socialists appeal to the people of Schleswig-Holstein (Nov 1918)

On November 7th, with Germany’s defeat imminent, a Soviet (socialist workers’ council) in Kiel made this appeal to the people of Schleswig-Holstein:

“Political power is in our hands. A provisional provincial government is being created; it will establish a new order in cooperation with the existing authorities. Our goal is a free, socially-minded people’s republic.

In those areas of the province where Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils do not yet exist, we call on the rural and urban population to follow our example and stand united behind the new people’s government and support it in its work on behalf of the common good. To begin with, our main task will be to secure the peace and heal the damage created by the war. Issues that extend beyond the jurisdiction of the provincial administration remain, of course, under the authority of state and Reich legislation. We are willing to work together with the entire bureaucracy, in all its prior forms, as long as it supports the new course.

We are resolved to meet any opposition with all means of public power at our disposal.

People of Schleswig-Holstein! An old democratic dream of freedom and unity, which many of the best of you fought and suffered for, is now becoming reality on a new and higher plane!”

Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council, Kiel.