A military officer’s views on German foreign policy (1926)

In March 1926, Reichswehr officer Colonel Joachim von Stulpnagel wrote to Berlin and outlined his views about the aims of German foreign policy:

“The immediate aim of German policy must be the regaining of full sovereignty over the area retained by Germany, the firm acquisition of those areas at present separated from her and the reacquisition of those areas essential to the German economy. That is to say:

1. The liberation of the Rhineland and the Saar area.

2. The abolition of the [Danzig] Corridor and the regaining of Polish Upper Silesia.

3. The Anschluss [union] of German Austria.

4. The abolition of the Demilitarised Zone…

The above exposition of Germany’s political aims… clearly shows the problem for Germany in the next stages of her political development can only be the re-establishment of her position in Europe, and that the regaining of her world position will be a task for the distant future.”