Hugo Preuss supports Weimar democracy (1918)

German politician Hugo Preuss, who was later involved in drafting the constitution, explains his support for Weimar democracy, in an article written November 14th 1918:

“The aims of the present holders of power might he the best and most pure imaginable; yet they cannot escape from the logic of the situation, which is that the attempt to constitute the new State while excluding the bourgeoisie must lead unavoidably, within a short space of time, to Bolshevik terror…

If a democratic political organisation has not been established to secure equal rights for all citizens, then there will be no alternative to violence… Not classes and groups, not parties and estates in hostile isolation, but only the whole German people, represented by a German National Assembly elected by completely democratic elections, can create the German republic. And that must be created quickly if unspeakable misfortune is not to crush completely our poor people.”