Quotations – Colonial America

This page contains a collection of American Revolution quotations from revolutionary leaders, contemporary figures and prominent historians, pertaining to colonial America before the revolution. These quotations have been gathered and compiled by Alpha History authors. If you would like to contribute an interesting or useful quotation, please contact Alpha History.

“Upon all new settlements the Spaniards make, the first thing they do is build a church. The first thing the Dutch do… is to build them a fort. But the first thing you English do… is to set up a tavern or drinking house.”
Thomas Walduck, 1708

“I look upon Virginia as a rib taken from Britain’s side… While they both proceed as living under the marriage-compact, this Eve might thrive so long as her Adam flourishes. Whatever serpent shall tempt her to go astray etc [will only cause] her husband to rule more strictly over her.”
Alexander Spotswood, 1720

“The meanest inhabitants by their constant attendance generally form the majority and outvote the gentlemen, merchants and all the better Inhabitants!”
William Shirley on town meetings, 1747

“For every scalp of a male Indian brought in – £40. For every scalp of a female Indian or male Indian under the age of 12 – £20.”
Massachusetts bounties for Penobscot natives, 1753

“Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton.”
King George III, 1760

“The sense of the people, Sir, is a great matter. I don’t mean the mob… I mean the middling people of England, the manufacturer, the yeoman, the merchant, the country gentleman… They have a right to interfere in the condition and conduct of the nation.”
Beckford, a British MP, 1761

“It is essential to our interest and the security of our colonies that the several nations or tribes of Indians… who live under our protection, should not be molested or disturbed.”
George III, 1763