A list of unpatriotic Boston merchants (1770)

The Sons of Liberty and non-importation committes regularly published lists of American merchants and businessmen who continued to trade with the British, in defiance of colonial boycotts. This list of Boston merchants who continued to trade appeared in February 1770:

“A list of the names of those who AUDCIOUSLY continue to counteract the UNITED SENTIMENTS of the BODY of Merchants throughout NORTH AMERICA; by importing British Goods contrary to the Agreement:

John Bernard, (in King-Street, opposite Vernon’s Head)

James McMasters (On Treat’s Wharf)

Patrick McMasters (Opposite the sign of the Lamb)

John Mein (Opposite the White-Horse; and in King-Street)

Nathaniel Rogers (Opposite Mr. Henderson, King Street)

William Jackson (At the Brazen Head, Cornhill near the Town-House)

Theophilus Lillie (Near Mr. Pemberton’s Meeting-House, North-End)

John Taylor (A little North of the Draw-Bridge)

Anne and Elizabeth Cummings (Opposite the Old Brick Meeting House)

Israel Williams and Son (Traders in the Town of Hatfield)

Henry Barnes (Trader in the Town of Marlboro)

It must evidently appear, either by importing British goods contrary to the Agreement, or by breaking their contract with the Merchants, that they have preferred their own little private advantage to the welfare of America… It is therefore highly proper that the public should know who they are at this critical time, sordidly detached themselves from the public interest; and as they will be deemed enemies to their country by all who are well-wishers to it; so those who afford them their countenance or give them their custom must expect to be considered in the same disagreeable light.”