Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles (1965)

David A. Noebel (1936- ) is an evangelical Christian leader and the founder of Summit Ministries. In the mid 1960s Noebel wrote several pamphlets that condemned rock and roll music and pop culture as a Soviet plot to brainwash American teenagers. His 1965 pamphlet Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles is typical of Noebel’s hysterical claims:

“The Communists, through their scientists, educators and entertainers, have contrived an elaborate, calculating and scientific technique directed at rendering a generation of American youth useless through nerve-jamming, mental deterioration and retardation. The plan involves conditioned reflexes, hypnotism and certain kinds of music. The results, destined to destroy our nation, are precise and exacting. Little wonder the Kremlin maintains it will not raise the Red flag over America—the Americans will raise it themselves. If the following scientific program destined to make our children mentally sick is not exposed, mentally degenerated Americans will indeed raise the Communist flag over their own nation…

Our younger children are not the only ones being tampered with by the Communists. Our teenager is also being exploited. Exploited for at least three reasons:

a. His own demoralisation;

b. To create in him mental illness through artificial neurosis; and

c. To prepare him for riot and ultimate revolution in order to destroy our American form of government and the basic Christian principles governing our way of life.

Four young men, noted for their tonsils and tonsure, are helping to bring about the above. When the Beatles conducted their “concert” in Vancouver, British Columbia, 100 persons were stomped, gouged, elbowed and otherwise assaulted during a 29-minute performance.

Nearly 1,000 were injured in Melbourne, Australia. In Beirut, Lebanon, fire hoses were needed to disperse hysterical fans. In the grip of Beatle fever, we are told the teenagers weep, wail and experience ecstasy-ridden hysteria that has to be seen to be believed. Also, we are told teenagers ‘bite their lips until they bleed and they even get over-excited and take off their clothes’.

To understand what rock and roll in general and the Beatles, in particular, are doing to our teenagers, it is necessary to return to Pavlov’s laboratory. The Beatles’ ability to make teenagers take off their clothes and riot is laboratory tested and approved. It is scientifically labelled mass hypnosis and artificial neurosis…

The music isn’t an art form at all but a very destructive process. Teenage mental breakdown is at an all-time high and juvenile delinquency is nearly destroying our society. Both are caused in part by emotional instability which in turn is caused in part by destructive music such as rock and roll and certain kinds of jazz. But no matter what one might think about the Beatles or the Animals or the Mindbenders, the results are the same: a generation of young people with sick minds, loose morals and little desire or ability to defend themselves from those who would bury them…

Throw your Beatle and rock and roll records in the city dump. We have been unashamed of being labelled a Christian nation; let’s make sure four mop-headed anti-Christ beatniks don’t destroy our children’s emotional and mental stability and ultimately destroy our nation as Plato warned in his Republic.”