Julius Streicher on Der Sturmer (1936)

Prominent Nazi figure Julius Streicher was the publisher and editor in chief of Der Sturmer, Germany’s best selling anti-Semitic newspaper. In this source, Streicher explains the ‘mission’ of this publication. Extract reproduced with the permission of the German Propaganda Archive.

“The only newspaper in Germany – yes, in the whole world – which often screams the accusation of ritual murder into the Jewish face is Der Sturmer.

For more than ten years Der Sturmer has led a gigantic battle against Judaism. Der Sturmer has come to know the Jew from the confession which Dr Conrad Alberti-Sittenfeld (a Jew) wrote in 1899 in the magazine Gesellschaft: “One of the most dangerous Jewish qualities is brutal, direct, barbaric intolerance. A worse tyranny cannot be practised than that which the Jewish clique practices. If you try to move against this Jewish clique they will, without hesitation, use brutal methods to overcome you. Mainly the Jew tries to destroy his enemy in the mental area, by which he takes his enemy’s material substance away and undermines his civil reputation and existence. The vilest of all forms of retaliation, the boycott, is characteristically Jewish.”

Der Sturmer has never been stopped. Just in Nuremberg alone, there have been fought dozens of Talmudic and ritual murder cases in the courts. Because of Jewish protests, the attention of the whole world was focused on these cases. Thereafter heavy convictions followed. At first, no judge had the guts to expose the Jewish problem. Finally, in 1931, in a court case lasting from October 30th to November 4th, Der Sturmer won its first legal victory.

With this verdict, Der Sturmer brought about the first big breach in the Jewish administration of justice, which was given the job before the National Socialist revolution of protecting Judaism and the government. The Jews, of course, became greatly agitated about it all. But for Der Sturmer, this success was an omen of victory yet to come.

Of course, Der Sturmer does not stop halfway. It knows what must be done. It is our duty to frustrate the gigantic Jewish murder plot against humanity. It is our duty to brand this nation before the whole world, to uncover its crimes and to render it harmless. It is our duty to free the world from this national pest and parasitic race. Der Sturmer will fulfil its mission. It will light up the darkness with the truth which shall rule the world. And it will always direct itself according to the following proverb: ‘He who knows the truth and does not speak it is truly a miserable creature’.”