A boycott of Jewish businesses (1933)

In 1933 the NSDAP ordered a boycott of Jewish businesses operating in Germany. This proclamation was published in the party’s newspaper Voelkischer Beobachter (Sueddeutsche Ausgabe) on March 29th 1933:

An Order to the Whole Party!

The following order is accordingly issued to all party offices and party organisations.

Action Committees for the Boycott against the Jews. In every local branch and organisational section of the NSDAP, Action Committees are to be formed immediately for the practical systematic implementation of a boycott of Jewish shops, Jewish goods, Jewish doctors and Jewish lawyers. The Action Committees are responsible for making sure that the boycott will not affect innocent persons, but will hit the guilty all the harder.

Maximum Protection for all Foreigners. The Action Committees are responsible for ensuring maximum protection for all foreigners, without regard to their religion, origin or race. The boycott is solely a defensive measure, directed exclusively against the German Jews.

Propaganda for the Boycott. The Action Committees will immediately use propaganda and information to popularise the boycott. The principle must be that no German will any longer buy from a Jew, or allow Jews or their agents to recommend goods. The boycott must be general. It must be carried out by the whole nation and must hit the Jews in their most sensitive spot.

Central Direction: Party Comrade Streicher. In doubtful cases, the boycott of the store concerned is to be postponed until definite instructions are received from the Central Committee in Munich. The Chairman of the Central Committee is Party Member Streicher.

Supervision of Newspapers. The Action Committees will scrutinise newspapers most stringently with a view to observing the extent to which they take part in the information campaign against Jewish atrocity propaganda abroad. If any newspaper fails to do this or does so to a limited extent only, then they are to be excluded immediately from every house in which Germans live. No German person and no German business may place advertisements in such newspapers. They must be subjected to public contempt, as written for members of the Jewish race, and not for the German people.

The Boycott Will Start on April 1! The boycott is not to begin piecemeal, but all at once; all preparations to this end are to be made immediately. Orders will go out to the SA and SS to post guards outside Jewish stores from the moment that the boycott comes into force, in order to warn the public against entering the premises. The start of the boycott will be made known with the aid of posters, through the press and by means of leaflets, etc. The boycott will start all at once at exactly 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 1. It will continue until the Party leadership orders its cancellation.

Mass meetings to demand the Numerus Clausus! The Action Committees will immediately organise tens of thousands of mass meetings, reaching down to the smallest village, at which the demand will be raised for the introduction of a limited quota for the employment of Jews in all professions, according to their proportion in the German population. In order to increase the impact of this step the demand should be limited to three areas for the time being:

a. attendance at German high schools and universities
b. the medical profession
c. the legal profession.

The Need for Explanations Abroad. The Action Committees also have the task of ensuring that every German who has any kind of connections abroad will make use of these in letters, telegrams and telephone calls. He must spread the truth that calm and order reign in Germany, that the German people have no more ardent wish to go about its work in peace and to live in peace with the rest of the world, and that its fight against the Jewish atrocity propaganda is solely a defensive struggle.

Quiet, Discipline and No Violence! The Action Committees are responsible for ensuring that this entire struggle is carried out in complete calm and with absolute discipline. In future, too, do not harm a hair on a Jew’s head! We will deal with this atrocity campaign simply through the incisive weight of the measures listed. More than ever before it is now necessary for the whole Party to stand in blind obedience, as one man, behind the leadership.”