French Revolution timeline

Alpha History’s French Revolution timeline is now divided into separate periods. To view these timelines, click on the link below. All timelines have been written and compiled by Alpha History authors.

To 1788
Covers the background to the revolution, including the Enlightenment, wars of the Ancien Régime, changes in the monarchy and the fiscal crisis that led to the convocation of the Estates-General.

The year 1789 was a critical one for the revolution, filled with significant developments and events. Among the events listed are the drafting of the cahiers, the Estates-General and Tennis Court Oath, the storming of the Bastille and the October march on Versailles.

The years 1790-91 saw the evolution of the new National Constituent Assembly, the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, the flight to Varennes and the Champ de Mars massacre.

The years 1792-95 marked the radical phase of the French Revolution. They included events like the attack on the Tuileries, the September Massacres, the trial and execution of the king and the unfolding Reign of Terror.

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