French Revolution books

This selection of French Revolution books has been recommended by Alpha History authors. These books are recommended for their content, accessibility and affordability. They are available for purchase through our affiliate partner, The Book Depository, at low prices. All these prices include worldwide shipping. Purchasing your French Revolution books through our links is a great way to support Alpha History while saving money.

Revolutionary Europe (George Rude)
french revolution books
Terror in the French Revolution (Gough)
The French Revolution
(Christopher Hibbert)
The French Revolution
(William Doyle)
french revolution books
Marie Antoinette (Antonia Fraser)
french revolution books
Louis XVI
(John Hardman)
New Dictionary of the Revolution (Ballard)
A Short History of the Revolution (Soboul)
French Revolution: A Document Collection
Coming of the French Revolution (Lefebvre)
Artisans and Sans Culottes (Williams)
(David Lawday)
Fatal Purity
(Ruth Scurr)
The Terror
(David Andress)
Jean-Paul Marat (Clifford Connor)
Living the French Revolution (McPhee)
Twelve Who Ruled (R. R. Palmer)
(Simon Schama)
Reflections on the Revolution… (Burke)
Contesting the French Revolution (Hanson)