Extracts from the Boxer Protocol (1901)

The following extracts are from the Boxer Protocol, a treaty between the Qing emperor and foreign powers in China, signed in September 1901:

“The agents of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Spain, United States, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia and China have met for the purpose of declaring that China has complied with the conditions laid down in the note of December 22nd 1900, and which were accepted in their entirety by His Majesty the Emperor of China on December 27th 1900.

Article One

1. The Ambassador of His Majesty the Emperor of China is directed to convey to His Majesty the German Emperor the expression of the regrets of His Majesty the Emperor of China and of the Chinese Government at the assassination of his Excellency the late Baron von Ketteler, German Minister.

2. The Chinese Government has stated that it will erect on the spot of the assassination of his Excellency the late Baron von Ketteler, commemorative monument worthy of the rank of the deceased, and bearing an inscription in the Latin, German, and Chinese languages which shall express the regrets of His Majesty the Emperor of China for the murder committed.

Article Two

2. An Imperial Edict, promulgated August 19th 1901, ordered the suspension of official examinations for five years in all cities where foreigners were massacred or submitted to cruel treatment.

Article Five

China has agreed to prohibit the importation into its territory of arms and ammunition, as well as of materials exclusively used for the manufacture of arms and ammunition. An Imperial Edict has been issued on August 25th, forbidding said importation for a term of two years. New Edicts may be issued subsequently extending this by other successive terms of two years in case of necessity recognised by the Powers.

By an Imperial Edict dated May 29th 1901, His Majesty the Emperor of China agreed to pay the Powers an indemnity of 450,000,000 taels. This sum represents the total amount of the indemnities for States, Companies, or Societies, private individuals and Chinese. These 450,000,000 constitute a gold debt calculated at the rate of the tael to the gold currency of each country… This sum in gold shall shall bear interest at four per cent per annum, and the capital shall be reimbursed by China in 39 years, in the manner indicated in the annexed plan. Capital and interest shall be payable in gold or at the rates of exchange corresponding to the dates at which the different payments fall due.

Article Seven

The Chinese Government has agreed that the quarter occupied by the Legations shall be considered as one specially reserved for their use and placed under their exclusive control, in which Chinese shall not have the right to reside, and which may be made defensible.”