American Revolution books

This selection of American Revolution books has been recommended by Alpha History authors. These books have been chosen for their authoritative content, their accessibility for students and their affordability. They are available for purchase through our affiliate partner, The Book Depository at low prices. All prices include worldwide shipping to most countries. Purchasing your American Revolution books through these links is a great way to support Alpha History while saving money.

american revolution books
Colonial America (Alan Taylor)
american revolution books
Bloody Mohawk (Richard Berleth)
american revolution books
American Slavery American Freedom
american revolution books
American Scripture (Maier)
Samuel Adams: A Life (Stoll)
John Adams (David McCullough)
The Boston Massacre (Zobel)
The Boston Tea Party (Robert J. Allison)
Benjamin Franklin (Edmund Morgan)
Forced Founders (Woody Holton)
The Articles of Confederation (Jensen)
Shays’ Rebellion (Daniel Szatmary)
Miracle at Philadelphia (Bowen)
paul johnson
George Washington (Paul Johnson)
Paine and the Promise of America (Kaye)
Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier
ray raphael
People’s History of the Revolution (Raphael)
Founding Myths (Raphael)
gary nash
Unknown American Revolution (Nash)
Ideological Origins of the Revolution (Bailyn)
american revolution books
Radicalism of the American Rev. (Wood)
howard zinn
People’s History of the United States (Zinn)
American Revolution Handbook (Savas)
american revolution books
The Real History of the Revolution (Axelrod)
american revolution books
The American Revolution (Allison)