VCAA Study Design

Like all VCE courses, History (Revolutions) is written, accredited and managed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The History (Revolutions) course, like all VCE courses, is outlined in a curriculum document called the Study Design. The current VCE History Study Design comes into effect at the beginning of 2016. Teachers should be closely aware of the Study Design, while students should read it at least once and have a broad understanding of its content. This page contains a PDF copy of VCAA’s Study Design for the History (Revolutions) course only. For a copy of the full Study Design, containing all units and all VCE History courses, please visit the VCAA website.

If you are teaching or studying VCE History (Revolutions) in 2016, you should be aware of some significant changes from the previous Study Design (2005-2015). These changes will not drastically alter the content of courses or how they are taught, nevertheless there will be some changes to course structuring, terminology and assessment. You should be particularly aware of these changes if using a VCE History-specific textbook or exam guide produced before 2016. The two Areas of Study have been renamed and simplified. The timeframes for many Areas of Study have changed, so that they begin or end earlier or later. Assessment tasks have also been revised. The new Study Design has also shifted focus away from historiography. In 2016 students will be expected to describe, compare and evaluate historical perspectives (different contemporary points of view) and historical interpretations (different arguments and conclusions formed by historians) rather than “historiography”.

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