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Alpha History offers two Nazi Germany apps: for Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Our apps are ideal for casual readers, senior high school students, undergraduate college students, or teachers looking for an all-in-one learning resource for their classroom. Alpha History’s apps have been booklisted or used in more than 300 schools worldwide, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Alpha History apps contain:

  • All topic pages. Read all topic pages from the Alpha History website, ad-free, whether online or offline. All apps are updated regularly with new content and features.
  • Audio narration. Read along or listen to each topic as an audiobook. Ideal for auditory learners or the visually impaired.
  • Interactive and touch features. Touch, tap and swipe through chapter menus, ┬áimage galleries, card flips, watch embedded videos… and more.
  • Interactive revision. Test your knowledge or revise with four multiple choice quizzes (iPhone/iPad apps) and two crosswords (iPad apps only).
  • Support us. Purchasing Alpha History’s apps is a great way to support our authors and contribute to the development of new content and resources at!
nazi germany apps

Nazi Germany for iPad
Price: $US1.99 or equivalent.
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Nazi Germany for iPhone / iPod Touch
Price: $US0.99 or equivalent.
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