Ray Anderson: “Stalin Kicked the Bucket” (1953)

Released in 1953 by Ray Anderson, Stalin Kicked the Bucket is a cheerful if somewhat unnerving celebration of the death of the Soviet dictator earlier that year.


Old Joe kicked the bucket, he’s long gone
He won’t worry us from now on
He lived in a place they call Moscow
His number came up and he had to go

Yes, old Joe’s dead and gone
He stayed around too long
And nobody now can save his hide
‘Cause old Joe laid right down and died

Old Joe won’t worry us no more
He killed the helpless by the score
Now I hope he’s satisfied
Since old Joe’s taken his last ride


While near the end, he couldn’t talk
He’s paralyzed and he couldn’t walk
He died with a hemorrhage in the brain
They have a new fireman on the devil’s train


Although he was a man of power
He was scared of Eisenhower
So now the devil can retire
‘Cause old Joe Stalin will keep the fire