Cold War documents

This collection of Cold War documents contains primary sources from the period 1945 to 1991. They have been selected, transcribed and compiled by Alpha History authors. This page is currently under construction: more documents will be added here soon.

George Kennan’s ‘Long Telegram’ diplomatic note on the Soviet Union (February 1946)
Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in Fulton, Missouri (March 1946)
Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin responds to Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech (March 1946)
President Truman outlines his foreign policy approach to Congress (March 1947)
‘How to Spot a Communist’, an article from American magazine LOOK (March 1947)
The North Atlantic Treaty, or formation of NATO (April 1949)
Joseph McCarthy’s ‘Enemies within’ speech (February 1950)
Joseph McCarthy’s letter to President Truman on the State Department (February 1950)
National Security Council report on the ‘present world crisis’ (April 1950)
Edward R Murrow’s editorial on Joseph McCarthy (March 1954)
Joseph McCarthy responds to Edward R Murrow (April 1954)
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles on Cold War issues and policies (April 1957)
Soviet diplomatic note to the US on the U2 incident (May 1960)
President Eisenhower explains the purpose of U2 missions (May 1960)
Soviet leader Khrushchev promises to support and defend Cuba (July 1960)
Khrushchev addresses the UN on the U2 spyplane incident (September 1960)
John F Kennedy’s address after the Bay of Pigs fiasco (April 1961)
President John F Kennedy announces a naval quarantine of Cuba (October 1962)
President Kennedy explains that his government’s priority is peace (June 1963)
Delegates from the US and USSR debate the Cuban missile crisis in the UN (October 1963)
The US and Soviet governments exchange cables on the Berlin Wall (August 1963)
J. Edgar Hoover memorandum on Martin Luther King’s position on Vietnam (July 1965)
President Jimmy Carter on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (January 1980)
President Ronald Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire’ speech (March 1983)
Ronald Reagan’s address to the nation on the Korean air disaster (September 1983)
Ronald Reagan’s Berlin speech, urging Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’ (June 1987)
Ronald Reagan’s radio address on the Berlin Wall and the future of Berlin (August 1987)